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Dear visitor,

this Internet-Magazine consists of hundreds of reports, essays, interviews, narratives and all sorts of crazy documentations of the past weeks, months and years. These articles are a readers digest of our 21st century world history, world action and world madness.

The only (obvious) set back for you is: Most of it is in German. In the left column you can try an automatic Google translation, that works like bable fish, but does make some sense so you should get the informational gist of these carefully researched texts. But we have also started with a real english version at www.articlesextra.com. As more articles are professionally translated the little translation flag in the left column will directly link to these translations.

This illustrated archive is for free. It is my online business card as a journalist and author in Austria containing some of my work and travels. If you may want to comment on one of these articles please do so refering to the term "Die Nachlese" in your email.


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